Below, you'll find a selection of videos featuring Stephanie DeCiantis - both live performances and digital opera experiences. 

Ritorna Vincitor!

G. Verdi
Stephanie DeCiantis, Soprano
Narmina Efendiyeva, piano

"Ritorna vincitor" is a famous aria from Verdi's opera "Aida." In this emotionally charged aria, Aida, the Ethiopian slave and princess, expresses her conflicted feelings as she prays for her lover Radamès's victorious return from battle, torn between her loyalty to her homeland and her love for him.

Ride of the Valkyries

R. Wagner
The famous "Ride of the Valkyries" scene from Wagner's opera "Die Walküre" features a powerful and exhilarating musical portrayal of the Valkyries, warrior maidens riding through the skies to gather fallen heroes from the battlefield. 

In Opera Sustenida's version, our Valkyries are right out of Gotham City in this Batman-inspired video.

Traft ihr das Schiff

R. Wagner
The aria "Traft ihr das Schiff" (Senta's Ballad) from Wagner's opera "Die Fliegende Holländer" finds Senta passionately narrating the legend of the cursed Dutchman and his ghostly ship to a captivated crowd, revealing her deep fascination and yearning for a redemptive love beyond the mortal realm. Senta's emotive rendition and the vivid storytelling convey her unwavering commitment to breaking the curse and saving the Dutchman through her devotion.

In this version from Opera Sustenida, our chorus are haunted portraits for this very spooky version. 

Ah! Fuggi il traditor!

W.A. Mozart
Stephanie DeCiantis, Soprano
Narmina Efendiyeva

In the opera "Don Giovanni" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the aria "Ah, fuggi il traditor" is sung by the character Donna Elvira. In this emotionally charged aria, Donna Elvira expresses her profound sense of betrayal and heartbreak at the hands of Don Giovanni, the opera's infamous libertine. She laments the betrayal she has suffered, as she once loved him deeply but was ultimately deceived. The aria captures the depth of Donna Elvira's conflicting emotions and the enduring impact of Don Giovanni's treacherous actions on her heart.
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