8 December 2018

Voices of the World Concert

Voices of the World Concert

8 December 2018

Saturday, June 22, 2019 at 8:00 p.m.
Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts

In an exclusive concert to cap off the season, the Kindred Spirits Orchestra is united with the voices of the Hong Kong Oratorio Society and the Vancouver Oratorio Society. Russian composer Alexander Scriabin’s first foray in the world of symphonic writing was ambitious to say the least. His six-movement Symphony No. 1 is a lush and dramatic work, which begins with an atmospheric prelude and concludes with a glorious epilogue. The finale is one of the few compositions Scriabin wrote that highlights the human voice. Featuring soloists and a chorus, the composer himself penned the poetic prose which praises the significance and power of Art: “O wonderful image of the divine, harmony’s pure Art! To you we gladly bring praise of that rapturous feeling. You are life’s bright hope, you are celebration, you are respite, like a gift you bring to the people your enchanted visions”.

Expressly written for this very concert, celebrated Chinese composer Chan Wing-Wah bestows Kindred Spirits Orchestra the honour of the world première of his Symphony No. 9 for soloists, choir and orchestra, a large-scale, two-movement piece set on poetic texts in Chinese and English languages.

KSO 2018.2019 season.jpg

Kristian Alexander | music director
Chan Wing-Wah | conductor 
Kemuel Wong | conductor
Stephanie DeCiantis | soprano
Ryan Downey | tenor

7:15 p.m.   Prélude (pre-concert recital)
7:30 p.m.   Pre-concert talk in the foyer of Richmond Hill Centre
                   Intermission discussion with Michael Berec and Chan Wing-Wah 

Scriabin, Symphony No. 1, Op. 26  

Chan Wing-Wah, Symphony No. 9 (world première)  

Tickets: $65 - $58



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